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Download our Guides to Teaching History and Language Arts

As Michelle Moran points out in her book "Why Historical Fiction Belongs in Your Classroom," Promoting Active Citizenship (New York: Random House, Inc.), "Historical novels teach psychology, geography, history, and English literacy, all in one addictively entertaining package." In Moran's experience, it was the historical novels that made children repeatedly come to her with questions after class. By using historical novels, she so caught their interest that they became avid historians, and that's pretty hard to do with grade school or high school history!

Guide to Teaching History Guide to Teaching Reading Language Arts

Download a Study Guide

We invite you to evaluate the quality of our books by looking closely at their companion study guides, which you can download free of charge. Prepared by the author, with the intention of helping parents to teach the contents of the stories to their children, these guides give you a very accurate idea of what each volume contains. They demonstrate the purposes for which the story was written, the issues raised by it, and the literary questions a parent can have her child put to the text. Just glance at the example below, and, if you like it, go to one of the links on the right to download it so that you can study it at your leisure.

Jody's Michigan Adventure Study Guide

Click on any of these links to open up a downloadable study guide for any of the books in the Kevin Murphy series:

Sophie reading The Upper Peninsula

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Study Guides

Look through our study guides for ideas on how to incorporate these books into your class learning activities.


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