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PhD from Princeton

Leigh A. Arrathoon was born November 30, 1942. She received her A.B. from Hunter College in 1963, her M.A. in French and another in Spanish from Stanford University in 1966 &1968, & her M.A. & Ph.D. in French Medieval Studies from Princeton University in 1975. She has also studied at the Universities of Geneva, Lausanne, Lille, & Oxford.

She has published articles on Old French literature and Chaucer in Language and Style, Romance Philology, & Ball State University Forum, where her article, "The Two Saras of Chaucer's Merchant's Tale," was nominated for a Pushcart Prize, & three academic books: The Lady of Vergi, The Craft of Fiction: Essays in Medieval Poetics, and Chaucer and the Craft of Fiction.




Experienced Author

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Leigh Arrathoon brings to her books all the love and patience of over forty years of teaching, the joy, unfaltering faith, and arduousness demanded by her craft, and the precision that only a life of scholarship can provide.



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