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Letter from the Author:

Here are historical fictions, packed with adventure, romance, and accurate historical detail for children, young adults, and the young at heart. Not only are they fun to read and chock full history, but each book explores important issues in the lives of young people. In the earliest books for children, 3-12, the young hero, Kevin Murphy, finds himself saddled with the problem of combining his budding historical analyses of his family vacations with the fanciful adventures of his pesky little sister's stuffed toys. This, of course, is always the author's task: to discipline his wild imagination with analytical accuracy, but, of course, young Kevin doesn't realize the valuable lesson he is learning in these early attempts, inspired by his mother (see Jody's Michigan Adventures, 1998).

In the award-winning Summer of the Bear (the first book in the series of historical fictions  for ages 11-16, The Journals of Kevin Murphy) Kevin learns not only the value of working together in a team, but, more importantly, he comes to recognize his own unique ability to contribute to society through writing.
The second volume of the series is The Son of Fireheart. In this book, the reader learns how vital self-worth is to the success of the individual, as she witnesses the triumph of a homeless California Indian boy.

A third book in the series, Eagle from the Dawn, shows Kevin learning the art of letting go, which brings along with it the ability to begin having meaningful relationships.

A novel for older young adults, Indian Summer (18-25), explores what it takes to make a good marriage and when and how to let go of a relationship that isn't going to work.

The Journals of Kevin Murphy, is available in electronic form on Amazon and Educents.

Jody's Michigan Adventures, which has sold over 100,000 copies since it was first published in 1998, is now available on Amazon and Educents.
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"Megan and Megara," one of more than 200 short stories I have written over the past quarter of a century, will be available in April of 2013, only in electronic form. I also plan to publish a book of stories, about New York, in 2014, and my short stories will appear as they are revised, probably only in electronic form. In addition, there are other novels, either in my head, or in embryonic form that will undoubtedly emerge over the next decade.

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There are videos on this site to give you an idea of what each book is like, and there are pictures of the covers, reviews, and free study guides to help your children get the most out of reading the stories. If you don't find what you like, check back every six months or so, because we plan to do a whole lot more! We also have a blog where you can discuss what you've read, and there's a place where teachers can request a FREE visit from the author via skype. So have a look around, and ENJOY!


About the Author

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Read more about the author, Leigh Arrathoon.

Leigh Arrathoon brings to her books all the love and patience of over forty years of teaching, the joy, unfaltering faith, and arduousness demanded by her craft, and the precision that only a life of scholarship can provide.

French Language Education. Leigh also tutors French and Spanish for Thumbtack. She teaches many of her classes over the internet, via Skype, and has taught classes all over the world in such places as Singapore, Rumania, Great Britain, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, Canada, Argentina, and the U.S.

readingA mother reads the Mackinac book, from Jody's Michigan Adventures, to her seven-year-old daughter.


Sophie reads Frankenmuth

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